The Spinner of Stars

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The Spinner of Stars
Origin Light
Titles The Time weaver
The Way Maker
Names N/A
Aspects Lantern Forge
Date of arrival 10 CE
Owner(s) beardedtree24

The third god from light to descend from the glory. The Spinner of stars had a great a passion and talent for creation who but is now missing. Written by BeardedTree


The Spinner of Stars was the builder of the finest of things in the manus. Such was it's the talent that it could spin starlight and weave time. Much of the Edifice was built by the Spinner of Stars ts irregular appearance derived from its eclectic whims. But its greatest achievement was the winding staircase to the glory within the The Spirarch trunk. After it had finished it was contracted by the Spirach to assist in the union of sky and earth and gladly accepted the challenge. The union proved difficult for the Spinner of Stars and after numerous failures, the Spinner of Stars disappeared and has never been seen since. Some whisper that before they disappeared spinner of stars learnt the truth of the union and confronted the Spirach. Its disappearance in 476 CE caused the dark ages and the war of the ancients.



Light that has been shaped into a humanoid form wearing a cloak of the colour of the cosmos.


The Spinner of Stars was an hour of brilliance and fine craftsmanship. The process of creation and the art of exquisite crafts was most pleasing to the Spinner of Stars who found more joy in the journey than the destination. The Spinner of Stars was always absorbed in its projects and thus never had a large mortal following when it wasn't missing and now that it is almost no one seeks it out.


The Mansus

The Spinner of Stars used to be found deep within the edifice in its workshop. The Workshop was always alive with activity as forges burned hot and Spinning wheels turned, as the spinner of stars made and remade his many wonders. but now the workshop is silent, cold and choked with dust.

The Histories



A bolt of Starweave 6 Lantern 6 Forge A bolt of the fabled starweave woven from starlight in the workshop of the Spinner of stars, but that surely cant be true. and yet it is always warm to the touch and glows ever so slightly.



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