The Sixth History (Vol. II)

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Atonement and the Princess

As the fires of the war consumed everything, those desperate for peace turned their full attention to finding any way at all to undo the horrors of unending battle. At this time, there lived a man in a tower; scientist, wizard, and beloved servant of a little black cat. Contracted by those with the desire to finally end the ceaseless monstrosities of war, he began to work on a great project of magic and technology, a gift to renew all life in its path. FNORD.

Finally, the day of resolution arrived. The machine was completed at last, and its maker ready to pull the lever and save mankind. Aware of the proclivities of cats to leap on every surface, he placed his little cat in an occult circle, hoping to keep her contained until he was done. But he had not calculated for the countering of its magic against his technology. The machine howled and shook, before exploding itself, the tower, and all things for miles around, in a savage eruption. Savage holes were rent in the fabric of the world, and just as quickly repaired, as the demi-real branch that would be known as the Fifth History asserted its own existence. With the land turning lush and green, atonement arrived.

An Hour needs three things; a mind capable of dream, a body capable of power, and a soul that can enter the Mansus. That the Princess Prominent was born from this event attests to her having all three. Where each came from is, then, a matter of purely academic contention. What can be said of the events is that, in the end, a man cared deeply for the little cat that depended on him, and that was enough to leave its mark on the Mansus for the rest of time.