The Serrated Savior

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The Serrated Savior
"You are the only one in the world, and therefore you are the world, and may do with the world as you please."
Origin Nowhere
Titles The Blade Itself
Names None
Aspects Edge Moth
Date of arrival Unknown
Owner(s) A Blessed Feline

The Serrated Savior is an enigmatic Hour of even more enigmatic origin. It is rarely seen, greatly preferring to dwell at the back of the minds of mortals, telling the most convincing lie of them all: That they are alone. That the voice in their head is none other than them. That the ground below their feet is them as is the sky above their heads and the people they love and hate. That they themselves are the only one in the world, and therefore they themselves are the world, and may do with the world as they please. This is of course a ridiculous lie, coming from words on a page. But to some, when sounding like they come from themselves, they are as convincing as their own voice in their head. These people are endowed with great power, becoming endowed with inhuman strength, durability, and charisma as they fall for the lie so hard that is becomes difficult for others around them not to believe them. These may be counted as the Long of the Hour, as it does not have traditional Long nor Names. This lie, however, is not perfect. It works perfectly well when engaging in bloodshed, cruelty, and mayhem, but if one begins to doubt themselves, or stray from this conquest for some reason, they may find themselves with wounds that do not heal and words that refuse to leave their mouths. They may gradually stop believing in the lie at this point, becoming discarded as old worn-out tools. Aside from lying to their face, the Knife has been silent to the other Hours. Some claim it fully believes in its own hype, while others characterize it as a ruthless manipulator who only craves mayhem and bloodshed, and who knows that every word it says is false yet continues to whisper them.


Nobody truly knows where the Serrated Savior came from, and most conclude that it cut itself from its origins shortly after the Collision, destroying its true origin. Therefore, it is counted among the Gods-from-Nowhere.

Who it was before this point is a subject of great debate among scholars. Some claim that it was once a God-from-Flesh who ascended to the position of a Hour in an attempt to prove that it was the only conscious mind in existence, but who went mad after its ascent as it understood the existence of the other Hours and now strives to unmake them by convincing their worshipers of their non-existence in order to become the only conscious being in the world. Others claim that it was once a God-from-Blood born of mindless and sadistic violence, and that the lie that it prepetuates is merely an execuse to cause further violence and mayhem. Some say that it was once a noble and valiant God-from-Light, a knight of the Listless King, who fought bravely against invading Gods-from-Nowhere until it gradually forgot what it was fighting for and eventully begun to fight against everything that was not it. Others yet say that it is a God-from-Stone, and that the bloodshed it causes is something that was natural to the world before the Hours and before humanity, but once the Hours and humanity emerged and supplanted the world his violence was natural to, it had no incentive to stop and simply continued causing bloodshed uncaring or unknowing of the world outside itself. And then there are those who simply state that it is a God-from-Nowhere who is here to fulfill some even more sinister purpose, and that all speculation about its origins are a fool's errand as it truly has none.



The Serrated Savior appears as a gigantic sword or knife sticking out of the ground, when it appears at all.





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