The Loom

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The Loom
"Justice is my flesh. Vengeance is my blood."
Origin Blood
Titles The Destined, The Crown
Names The Code
Aspects Moth Forge Secret Histories
Date of arrival Long existed, ascended during the prison's construction.
Owner(s) PerishedFraud

The Loom is the true identity of the Mechanism. It was once the prized tool of the Weave. A living object, it was treated much like a younger brother by the old Hour. Now that the Weave has been slain, the Loom has concocted a scheme to bring justice to her murderers. It has very little other plans, though it would most likely replace the Weft and Warp's position and act benevolently.



The Loom was the most sacred artifact of the histories. Used by the Weave herself to ease the creation and purge of timelines, the tool held great power and a mind of its own. Once the Weave died, the Weft and the Warp spent some time studying the Loom as well as the Weave's most secreted teachings. It is a pity then that they never found out that the Loom was sentient, though by the time they had their hands on it, it wasn't.

Thanks to its own temporal powers, The Loom managed to gather a following through the histories which merged into the Big Brain Troupe, which purposefully did their best to appear as silly and misguided as possible. The Loom, a rather powerful Name at the moment, descended its consciousness into the mortal world and was maintained by the Troupe's leader. When the troupe forcefully ascended the satellite, the Loom's consciousness was placed within - making the two ascend to hourhood as one entity. The leader of the Troupe also ascended with the satellite, though he became a Name. Now, the Loom dwells in this new shell and waits for the right moment to exact revenge.


The Loom is bound to its satellite shell, but may alter its shape to form what is essentially a mecha. If the satellite ever falls, the Loom will be forced to find a new shell or seek reincarnation before its essence fades away.


Justice is the Loom's primary ideal and motivation. It is also a patron of revenge, inspired by more personal pursuits. It's especially fond of creative and indirect ways to accomplish the enactment of either.



The loom is secretly worshiped to this day by the Big Brain Troupe, who use their childish appearance to spy on other cults.


The Loom has no marks. It is currently not in a position to influence or benefit mortals in any way other than being called upon for scrying rituals.



The True Code

"What is thy will?"
Aspects: SH10 Lantern10
Temptations: Knock2 Edge2 Lantern8

Summon The Troupe's Old Leader
Once a master of an esteemed cult, this old priest has transcended both mortality and reality in devotion to his patron. He has become something less, and something more.
A flawless look into the past coupled with many years of experience. Despite his strange digital nature, this sage knows his way well.


The Mansus

The Grand Observatory

The Loom hates this place, simply because it had spent far too much of its time in it.

The Histories

The Loom changed subtle events to ensure the formation of its own cult.









  • The Sixteenth Indictment
    • Description: A booklet with a poem. It is specifically signed with a date that corresponds to mid-Wassail. The author identifies as The Needle’s Tip - a likely alias for a historian.

The first part reads: Seated on, the throne of time, The queen of sages, watches as, A pair of greedy, wrinkled eyes, Closes in - a last caress.

    • Start Text: The second part reads:

The queen's brother escaped, forsaken, Dared not thread, his mother's way. He watched, utterly unshaken, His home burning, at Doomsday.

    • End Text: The final part reads:

Our ruler buried, time careens, Gather the guards, put on the mask. We dance, jesters before the queens, Waiting for, our final task.

    • Gives: Justice's Sting, Moth 4 Lore


  • Justice's Sting
    • Description: There are greater forces at play in the world. Tell them who wronged you, and they will listen with burning intention.
    • Requires: Invocation: Lore - Not consumed. Instrument: Tools - Not consumed. Victim: Follower/Prisoner - Consumed. Justice's bite is only prompted if moth lore is used and if there are two aspects with 10+ in identical amounts.
    • Gives: A slot becomes open for five seconds. You may place any negative timed card within to destroy it once the five seconds pass. You may place a rival in the slot to make them go on a massive cooldown of 500.

About the Wassail

How he/she/it/they feel about it

It's time for revenge.

Who He/She/It/They Blame

Most Hours who are capable of murder. Mostly the Weft and the Warp though.



Has grown to like the Eye a fair amount, probably from looking at it too much. Will not tell.