The Faustian Alchemist

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The Faustian Alchemist
Faustian Alchemist.png
"The Fool or the Hanged Man?"
Origin Flesh and Blood
Titles The Fournancier, The Burning Fool, The Blood-Tempered, sometimes just The Alchemist
Names "Ael", The Coal-Stained, The Alchemists
Aspects Forge Edge
Date of arrival Within 10 years after the Collision
Owner(s) Ael

The Faustian Alchemist is an Hour of the Fourth Fansus, and one of the youngest Hours, too. He is an Hour of revolution, idealism, and suffering. It should be noted that his ideals are not comparable to the ideals of The Unfettered.



When the Faustian Alchemist was a mortal, he grew up in an occult society in Vienna, the Order Aestuante, with ideals resembling those of the The Demiurge, but in the waking world. This society already created Long when they started worshiping the Demiurge; however, most of them would die, mostly because they opposed the Mansus the Demiurge had built. When the first Long, called Ael, returned alive, without catching the attention of the Demiurge, the people decided to act on their ideals by themselves, thus starting the creation of their own Hour. In silent secrecy, hidden from all other Hours, they chose a young person, and would start to transform them into a Forge Long. This human would be the Faustian Alchemist, who, eventually, ascended directly from being Long to a lesser form of being an Hour, an act which was considered to be rather scandalous, but happened at a high cost nonetheless, that cost being the sacrifice of half of Vienna, including all Long the Order Aestuante had created. When the Demiurge witnessed this, which would inevitably happen, he concluded that this could be a potential threat to the New Mansus. Thus, he destroyed the pitiful rest of Vienna, immolated the Faustian Alchemist in his Furnace, and so condemned him to burn for seven years. Eventually, the few people who left Vienna before the ascension of the Faustian Alchemist united again, and spread their doctrine all over the world. This would continue the sacrifice people and Long to strengthen the Burning Fool. Eventually, the Faustian Alchemist could break out of the Furnace, reforged, and burning with his rage and grief, yet without leaving a trace. Now, he resides in the Mansus, keeping an eye on all Alchemists, and especially Vienna, spreading his ideals and visions to the waking world with the help of his Names, who were created in the "Last Sacrifice", the rite that would free the Faustian Alchemist from his cage, the Furnace.


The Fournancier commonly takes the form of a musculous fire-scarred man, sometimes naked, often clothed in the rags of the clothes of those who were sacrificed for him. Like other Hours, he can take other less-human forms too, like a cloud of ash and blood; however, he definitely prefers being seen the same as other humans.


The Faustian Alchemist is a patron of the Alchemists and has ideals to reshape the order of the world, similar to the Demiurge, and thus represents the principle of Forge; however, he sets his priorities on the waking world, not the Mansus, which is why he is commonly in the Wake. He also represents the principle of Edge, for his scars and all the suffering he had to endure in the Furnace.


Like some other Hours, the Alchemist has political ideals. His ideals are so to say anti-classist, marxist, and he directly opposes the New Mansus, as it is bound to be a threat to his ideal society.



The Faustian Alchemist is worhsipped by a lot of people in Vienna and the area around it, and alchemists, who seek various means of help through him. He is also worshipped by political groundbreakers, especially if their ideals match.


In the ascension under the Faustian Alchemist, the Long in the making will surrender parts of their old lives and their old ones, and will burn the pitiful rest into a Long of the Fournancier.

  1. Temptation: Reforging: What is this place I am in? How could I change it, and how could I change me?
  2. Dedication: Reforging: I have made a conclusion, and I will stay true to it, no matter the cost.
  3. Ascension: Reforging: My skin is burnt, but my flesh is steel. Each touch is pain, but nothing else.
  4. Ascension: Reforging: My eyes glow with embers, my eyes are burnt to ash, and I still see what I need to see. I will understand.
  5. Ascension: Reforging: I have surrendered a loved one, I have burnt them. I will learn, and people will understand.
  6. Ascension: Reforging: I have surrendered myself, my right hand, my left foot, my tongue. We will all hear.
  7. Ending: I have surrendered all of me, and I have learned much. Now, I will seek my end in this furnace, but I will be immortal: When I visit the New Work of the Fournancier, I become a Long, favored by him. I will live, and nothing will be taken from me, nor will anything be taken from this world anymore. Together with my compatriots, in the Golden Flame and in the Mansus, I will travel the world and reshape the order of the people for the better.



The Coal-Stained

The Coal-Stained
"Yes, I have brought the fuel, and yes, it was not only coal."
Forge 12
Winter 12
Summon the Coal-Stained, a Name of the Faustian Alchemist
The Coal-Stained remembers the fuel he brought, he remembers the sacrifice, and foremostly remembers the light of the Mansus. He will only enter when traces of these memories are present.
To our suprise, the Coal-Stained isn't a he, but a she, a woman. Covered in coal, and blood, she enters like it was her who opened the door.
Winter 6
Lantern 8
Forge 10


"It's less of an ascension but more of a job, you know. You still get to do a lot with people, and it's nice not to feel like some dictator rather than one of mankind."
Forge 12
Heart 12
Summon the Individual known as "Ael"
The man known as Ael will enter where the reshaping force of Forge is strong, together with the call for conquering, Edge.
He has worked in the Order of the Golden Flame, that revolutionary union that was founded directly after the Faustian Alchemist ascended. He's been granted Namehood to assure its constancy, and here he is, to help me with my goals, in the name of the Golden Flame, of course.
Forge 10
Edge 12

The Alchemists, United

The Alchemists, United
Not all Names ascended as one creature. Some are like a will, too, and this is their promise: doors will open.
Knock 12
Forge 12
Summon the Alchemists that made an Hour
The Alchemists made sacrifices, and they know the power of Forge very well, just like they know how to open "doors". I will need a sacrifice, too, and with that a strong power of Forge and Knock.
Sulphur, nitre, copper and acid. This is what the room smells like, and this is what the Alchemists want to be called.
Forge 8
Knock 18


The Mansus

When in the Mansus, the Faustian Alchemist resides as close to the Glory as possible, safe from any people that could oppose him by taking offense; however, he will usually not be found in the Mansus. He also illicitly visits the New Mansus, spying on the Demiurge and his domain. Names of the Blood-tempered are also commonly sent in there.

The Reforged Mansus

Near the Glory of the Old Mansus, the Fournancier has initiated a new work, that being the renewal of the destroyed parts of the Mansus. Not many know what exactly he wants it to look like, but he has received some support, mainly from Lantern Hours, but also opposition.

The Histories

The Fournancier travels among the world, visiting various revolutionary groups and helping them out, now and then. That makes him a rather big influencer of the Wake, especially considering that he is ready to take immediate action when things directly contradict his ideals. This reached from assaults on Demiurge-Long in the Wake to revolutions.


Vienna is where the Fournancier was born, and he tends to visit the city anonymously. It is also where the Order Aestuante was founded and re-founded, after it has been shattered.

Order Aestuante

The Order Aestuante is a group of Alchemists worshiping the Faustian Alchemist. It is located in Vienna, though it also has missionaries all over the world. It also has connections to the Order of the Golden Flame.

Order of the Golden Flame

The Order of the Golden Flame is a group of revolutionists. Its main goal is to spread the Fournancier's vision all across the Wake. The Leader of the Golden Flame is a Name known as Ael, who also was the Long that fled from the New Mansus, and so initiated the birth of the Faustian Alchemist.



Blood-Stained Ash

Blood-Stained Ash
When the Fournancier was in the Furnace, this was the ash produced, steadily, but slowly.
Forge 8
Grail 8


The Creation of an Hour: a Documentary

The Creation of an Hour: a Documentary
A rather recent documentary on a rather recently born Hour: the Faustian Alchemist. This documentary records the life and the suffering of the Faustian Alchemist while he was transformed into a Long. It might never have been finished.
Watch an Unfinished Documentary on the Ascension of the Faustian Alchemist
The documentary features dialogues between the Alchemists - before their ascension - and entries of the human Faustian Alchemist's diary. Later on, the documentary even features rather private parts of his life.
Disappointingly, the documentary doesn't yield much information on the actual work practiced on him; it does, however, include scenes that make one question why the Alchemist didn't annihilate this. He probably knows better.
  • Yields: Forge Lore (4), Grail Lore (2), Rite of the Furnace


  • Rite of the Furnace
    • Description: This rite remembers the time the Faustian Alchemist spent in the furnace of the Demiurge by sacricing a living being that has been treated with alchemical ingredients. The Burning Fool will acknowledge the sacrifice, and will do a favour in return.
    • Requires: A living sacrifice, an ingredient, and lore.

Can act as a rite for anything but is mandatory for the ascension of Long that ascend under the Fournancier.


  • The Demiurge: the Faustian Alchemist and the Demiurge are known to be enemies, mainly due to threat that the Faustian Alchemist is to the New Mansus. Due to the differences in their practices and the similarities in their ideals, one often accuses the other to simply lust for power instead of salvation.
  • The Unfettered: while the Faustian Alchemist does not directly oppose the Unfettered, their ideals contradict in a lot of ways, mainly due to the Alchemist's beliefs in authority as a tool, rather than something oppressive.
  • The Navigator: in the Time of the Furnace, The Navigator has earned a favor from the Fournancier


  • From the Time of the Furnace, a guiding light prevented dissolution in a moment of weakness in exchange for a favour.
  • The Faustian Alchemist ascended with 19 already, yet one might think that he acts older than other Hours; on the other hand, he might only try hard.
  • There is a reason why so little of the Alchemist's Names are female, or rather, why so many are male. That reason lies in the Fournancier within, and it is for sure not a fear of women.