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The shade
"With Light it breathes"
Origin From Light
Titles TINTs inversion
Names The Gordian Knot. The Pantheon. The Blinded One. The Shattered.
Aspects Knock Grail Edge
Date of arrival alongside TINT from The Prism if they are to be believed.
Owner(s) S.E.G.N.O.)



shade would claim to be a Perfect Spirit and Soul derived from a now broken and lost Perfect ‘Prism’; Supposedly the Perfect Body of the 3 Primaries. How much of what they say is true, and how much of it might happen to be embellishing some simpler process is uncertain. They came to be within The Mansus alongside TINT.


shade came into being as little more than a spooling coil of Light and Colour… It has remained much the same; as much as a woven tapestry is the same as the string which was used to make it. Its Colours are darkened, as a result of it Breathing its light in and out, reflecting all it can learn of.


shade can open the way, much as they have opened themselves.

shade knows of pain and struggle.

shade knows of pleasure and desire.

shade lacks intensity enough to show these things in any true Light, but they still know them; they still express them; they still see them. Knock Edge Grail



The Tones of Outer Reflection; ‘All things affect all things. We choose what we send out into the World, and, if we are diligent, we can know what we want to come back.’


  1. Temptation: Saturation: There are many things one can put out into and take in from this World. One perhaps might take in the Colours of greater things, if they were to try...
  2. Dedication: Saturation: I continue to affect The World as it affects me, but I am more aware of its effects. I must send out and take in the Right things. [One must complete all 4 corners if one wishes to become fully Saturated in the eyes of the shade]
  3. Ascension: Saturation: Coincidence; when the die is cast, it moves with one’s hand and the World around it. I once thought I understood my Hand. Now I understand The World as well. I’ve taken all The Luck I’ll ever need.
  4. Ascension: Saturation: Relevance; People talk of trees in forests falling with no one to hear them. And as the World declares that it does indeed make a sound, so to will The World declare my existence as Truth.
  5. Ascension: Saturation: Suffering; There is a house burning down somewhere… The World is full of moments like this. I’ve not let knowing this destroy me, but… In taking in some of this Colour of The World through my experiences and study, I’ve come closer to seeing what it would be like to cry for everyone who’s House has been Burned.
  6. Ascension: Saturation: Knowledge; One can Map the Reflections. One can Reflect the Reflections. One can Refract the Reflected Reflections. Even This World bends before those who are called Know. It bends a little further for someone who can apply a little force to it.
  7. Ending: The shade’s light seeks to take in reflections of The World. My Colours are as Rich as those of The World, and The shade will breath in my Reflection to keep and use. Perhaps one day I will die. Perhaps someone will hear the tree falling in the forest. Perhaps someone will cry as my House burns down. But my Reflection is equivalent to me, and my Reflection will Live on, breathless before the beauty of all within The shade. Perhaps one day, they will tire of merely watching, and My Reflection will leave The Center of The shade, seeking whatever new desire they have found. But until then, they will remain as one. [You have not needed to give up anything in Life to assure continuation as a Long of the shade in the Mansus. no matter what happens, you will have more chances than others at seeing what The World might offer you. This is a Victory. But with all you have done, perhaps one victory is not enough. You can still go out and seek yet more. Live or die, sink or rise, you have already won.]



The Gordian Knot Many Bodies, One Mind... Fading, Stagnation, Absence. Divinity, Reverence, Blessedness… The Gordian Knot ignores the lies of straight lines; if one is Lucky enough, they might find that The Map always folds to place them beside their destination. And The Knot is good at getting things to Fold. [Strong in The Knock of The shade]

The Pantheon. Many Bodies, Many Minds… Divinity, Reverence, Recognition. Decay, Transformation, Presence… The Pantheon is where most Long of The shade end up, Fighting to become even more Relevant, and to become The Mark of Mastery that they wish to see in This World. Long already try and sabotage each other even when separated by whole continents… These ones have no such luxury in how they get to complete for the status of a Name, and the thought of having full control over the reflections of reflections of refractions of reflections of The World does nothing to lessen their efforts. [Strong in The Grail and Edge of The shade]

The Blinded one. One Body, One Mind. Fading, Stagnation, Unbound. Sins, Desecration, Cursedness... The Blinded one Knows all The Suffering witnessed by The shade, and weeps. It will accept your sorrows and be the one to cry for you, but caution to any who might get to close; becoming a part of The Blinded one might be a quick way to becoming a Name, but not the kind you might have hoped to become. [Strong in the struggle; The Edge, of The shade. But without any struggle of its own.]

The Shattered. One Body, Many Minds. Sins, Desecration, Dissection. Decay, Transformation, Absolutes… The Shattered is incredibly Knowledgeable in all but the suffering known to The Blinded one. It frequently splits apart, just as a fire can spread till it seems like separate fires, and it frequently rejoins, just as one can throw a torch upon the house and still call it the same fire. The shattered is constantly puzzling figuring testing enjoying rising in elation collapsing in despair and fulfilling a false reflection of every possible Desire it can find that The shade has taken in. One might mistake them for being of Heart, but even The Shattered Ceases from time to time. [Strong in the Desires; The Grail, of The shade.]


The Mansus

The Highest Pillar

The shade typically resides behind The Highest Pillar; It is sheltered; the World lies in view; it is easy to breath;

The Histories

Perhaps some Places seem unmappable. Perhaps some people seem touched by the Divine. Perhaps smaller flames of The Shattered Desired to remain separate and enter The World. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps...



  • Passionate slate; many intricate patterns have been scratched into this stone. One could trace its paths for quite some time and still find something new to observe. Something new to enjoy.
    • Aspects: Grail4
  • Golden Lasso; a length of golden rope that has left many breathless.
    • Aspects: Edge8
  • (painting) The shade; dark tones and rough sweeps. This was never intended to be a work of beauty. it was intended to be A Work. and The sight of The struggle tells EXACTLY what it needs to tell. Some get attatched to the struggle. It was difficult to accept that it was done.
    • Aspects: Grail8
  • The TUMOR; a round spiky mass in black and white that hypothetically matches the form of The Gordian Knot; you need cross no threshold.
    • Aspects: Knock12


  • Mud; this is not just any ordinary Mud. This Mud has been stained deep with Relevance by the struggles of Long who seek to become a part of the Pantheon… So oft has the ground been worked beneath their motions, that The ground itself buckled before their Struggle.
    • Aspects: Edge4 [Pigment?]
  • irritating thread; any attempts to use this thread in a mundane way will end in tears. It refuses to remain bound.
    • Aspects: Knock4
  • A Shattered leaving; there is so much to do so much to do so much to do! This scrap still thrills with unfinished acts that yearn to be done.
    • Aspects: Grail8
  • A blinding tear; You tried so hard to find your house, only to find it had burned long before you ever found it… This should have never been permitted to happen… I’m sorry…
    • Aspects: Edge12 [Study with any Winter influence to transform into a Winter12 ingredient. The Blinded one wishes it could rest, and accept the chill, but there are ALWAYS more struggles and suffering for it to witness]


  • An Exhale; The shade typically breaths very shallowly. But here traces of its presence still remain, telling of its wish to capture a reflection of The World. Knock2 Grail2
  • An Inhale; A small current resultant of The Shade’s light returning with all that has been witnessed. It guards the desires found within the struggles, and leaves no impression of them behind. Knock2 Edge2


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  • Performed
    • Rite of The shade’s sending; [req; Influence, Assistant, Lore(consumed)] We give up what we might have kept illuminated within us and breath out as The shade breaths. When it returns, it will have brought back what power we sent it for.
    • Rite of The Gordian’s twists; [req; Tool, Ingredient, Influence(consumed)]

There are times and places, just as there are lies. We present a gathering of power found at a certain time and place, and The Gordian Knot whisks away the lie of straight lines, presenting us with the fact that what we sought was right beside us all along.

  • Obtained
    • [Req; Knock5 Grail10 Moth2] Summon a portion of The Shattered; The Shattered seeks desire and its fulfillment. It also desires to understand. Knowing such motivation, an entrance begging for exploration and release can be made for it.
    • [Req; wip
The Old Geezer
'"Get off my lawn!"'
Devourer 12
Edge 12
Heart 12
Summon one of the Name-emanations of the Template
The Old Man of the Template is coming. The fat old fellow can't bare to even look at you. Every hair on his body rises at the mention of lawns.
Is this truly the best the Template has to offer?
Knock 5
Heart 10
Lantern 2


  • Their Opposite; TINT:
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