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Origin Blood
Titles "The Beast in the Woods" "Dweller"
Names None
Aspects Edge Winter Grail
Date of arrival Long before the Collison
Owner(s) Seon)

The Maelstrom is a God from Blood that is the Storm's bloated body in the Forest. It was a thoughtless, mindless beast lost in the wood, lashing out and devouring unwary travelers who dared to trespass upon its domain. It was banished to nowhere when a mortal warrior whispered the words that reminded it of the skies. In grief, it sank further together with the warrior into the Forest.



The Maelstrom is spoken of in the Fluttering Epic, in which the writer mournfully describes the heroine's journey to end the threat of the Great Beast in the Woods. For the Beast that is the Maelstrom could not be destroyed, it had to be seduced. The book concludes with the description of the Garden in the woods where the warrior and the beast met, and incantations that must be spoken in order to curry the Gardener's favor.


A whirring vortex which devours light in the woods. A silence in the air.


Adversity. Hunger.