Captivating Sculpture

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Either through mastery of the craft or the invisible arts, it compels our undivided attention. Moth will allow us to forget its beauty, or Heart will demand we continue the expedition.


  • Mount Penglai
  • The Carlyle Manor


  • Moth (Invokes Old Tarnished)
  • Heart (Invokes the Driver-Forth)

Obstacle Text


Gilded, jeweled, complex as the Mansus itself. Looking away would be painful. Leaving the room would be a murder in cold blood. Our resolve for the expedition may be renewed by Heart, or the object's thrall shed by Moth.

Moth Invocation

  • Moth 10: We call upon El Rey Dorado, who is clad in glory.

El Dorado is host to endless riches. The thing before us is nothing in comparison to what we may claim if we persevere.

  • Moth 5: We call upon Old Tarnished, whose cage is golden.

Old Tarnished is forever chained to his Golden City. His loathing for his eternal prison might free us from ours, or we might repeat history once more.

  • Moth 1: We call upon Old Tarnished, who turns the world to dust.

Wherever Old Tarnished passes shall eventually crumble to nothing. The transience of this beauty will keep us grounded, or only reinforce our fascination.

  • Moth Success: Forgotten Luster

Whatever we saw is long-forgotten now.

Heart Invocation

  • Heart 10: We call upon the Driver-Forth, who is efficient.

The Driver-Forth devoured the Greatest Craftsman, as performance devours artistry. Beauty doesn't matter to us. Our mission does.

  • Heart 5: We call upon the Driver-Forth, who never ceases.

Forge, Heart and Winter are all faces of the beast named Change. Ever since it was first assembled, it had never ceased pursuing its goal. But why, then, should we cease enjoying the intricacies of this sculpture?

  • Heart 1: We call upon the Driver-Forth, who assimilates.

The engines of progress consume and integrate everything they pass. To stop now would mean to give up on the world, but the mesmerizing object before us would make for a valuable asset to us.

  • Heart Success: Rejected Luster

The sight of it hangs in our minds, but we have something even more important waiting for us.


  • Eternal Appeal

The expedition can wait, can't it? We have the supplies to stay before it a little longer, to enjoy its overwhelming luster for another day.