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The Jahwian
"No, he will not harm you; he will forgive you."
Origin Blood
Titles The Flayed Light
Names -
Aspects Heart Lantern Grail
Date of arrival Thousand years after humans walked upright.
Owner(s) Ael

The Flayed Light is an Hour of The Fourth Fansus, and an Hour of mercy, but also one that knows Light.



When the first Long rose, and the first corrupt ones attacked mortal humans, a new Hour started to form, both from their hopes, and their despair. After years, this Hour eventually manifested in the space between the two Mansi, and it would shine bright so as to push away Nowhere. Since then, the Jahwian would travel across both Mansi, until they collided. Now, they sit on the highest pillar the Mansus, keeping an eye on mankind, and guarding it with the power of Heart.

The Jahwian would always make sure that no independent Long would attack mankind without consequences.


The Jahwian does not take a tangible form, generally. Sometimes, they are an influence, lingering in the air. They were also depicted as the Burning Heart of the Preacher, or simply the warm, merciful light that everyone worshipping them hopes for. Seeing them is a blessing only few receive.


The Jahwian's primary principle is the Heart, for the hope and mercy he incorporates. Their secondary principle is Lantern, for the Light of the Glory which they want to show everyone mercifully. Their tertiary principle is Grail, for birth and creation, and the blood of their martyrs.



The Jahwian has been worshipped by many, mainly even people who were unaware of other Hours. This led to the creation of several once popular religions, namely Abrahamistic ones. In the past, many people died for the Flayed Light's deeds, as martyrs.


  1. Temptation: Mercy: I have been touched by mercy. I could bring the same mercy to others.
  2. Dedication: Mercy: I have dedicated myself to mercy, and the preservation of mankind.
  3. Ascension: Mercy: I have gazed upon the eye of the Jahwian. Although it was only a fraction of time, I will not forget the warmth of their light. I know this to be the Third Mark.
  4. Ascension: Phrase: I am never cold, now. I've dedicated most of my time wandering the city, helping out people. Each time I help, I feel a bit warmer. I know this to be the Fourth Mark.
  5. Ascension: Phrase: In the Fifth Mark, most people recognize that one is not normal, as a human. Sometimes, I am invited to preaches. Other times, I am called for help. I generally help gladly.
  6. Ascension: Phrase: My name is now told in cathedrals when I reach the Sixth Mark, and I am eternalized on paper. People will remember me, even if I will disappear soon.
  7. A Heart, Relentless: Now, I am brought to the high mountain, and now, I am at the High Pillar, where the Jahwian awaits me. I gaze upon him, and then I am no more. I have ascended, as a servant of the Flayed Light, and I am warmed by the merciful light. I am not immortal, nor am I mortal. I will be eternal, as long as we believe.


The servants of the Jahwian walk the Wake and the Mansus, and are eternalized in stone.


To some servants, the Jahwian reveals his truest name. These servants are then considered Names.


The Mansus

The Highest Pillar

On the Highest Pillar, the Jahwian resides, watching the Mansus and the Wake. It was constructed immediately after the Collision, by the Flayed Light itself, and it will not fall.

The Histories



A Touch of Mercy
The heart is warm and the mind is bright.
Heart 6
Lantern 2
Blank decays into


  • A Jahwian Promise Heart12
    • Description: When the Jahwian was born, they made a promise. This promise is eternalized here, and it shall only be read when the Light wanes.


  • The Glorious Child: The Jahwian promised to the Glorious Child that the first to build his empire would be the last to destroy it. This was a promise, and so they agreed.
  • The Faustian Alchemist: The Jahwian respects this later Hour, and they are ready to let him build a new Glory.


  • The Jahwian is as real as the reflection in two mirrors