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The PlaceHolder
Origin Flesh, Blood, Stone, Light, Nowhere, or something more unique or tied to the Fansus in question
Titles Other names. The template would perhaps use "The Basis" or "The Truly-First"
Names Names are the most high-ranking of servants and are stated here. For the Template, that would be "The Old Geezer"
Aspects Knock (While most hours have two or three, you can theoretically put any amount, or even just one)
Date of arrival This is when the hour ascended.
Owner(s) You Dare? (Link to your user page here, for example, like this)

The Template is a very cool Hour. It is used as the basis for hour creation.



The Template manifested from the Glory's old grandma and guides all aspirants since that day.


It is far too menacing to look at.


Guidance and creation.



The Template is worshipped by some strange folks called The Fansus.


  1. Temptation: Phrase: I've begun to comprehend the Template's ways.
  2. Dedication: Phrase: I shall follow the Template's ways.
  3. Ascension: Phrase: Agh my eyes.
  4. Ascension: Phrase: Ugh my bones.
  5. Ascension: Phrase: Gah my legs.
  6. Ascension: Phrase: But it's gonna be worth it.
  7. Ending: I have proved myself, and now I teach new hours how to bake cookies.



'"Get off my lawn!"

The Old Geezer

The Old Geezer
'"Get off my lawn!"'
Devourer 12
Edge 12
Heart 12
Summon one of the Name-emanations of the Template
The Old Man of the Template is coming. The fat old fellow can't bare to even look at you. Every hair on his body rises at the mention of lawns.
Is this truly the best the Template has to offer?
Knock 5
Heart 10
Lantern 2


The Mansus

The Template Temple

The Template spends lots of its free time here.

The Histories

The year was 285124 and the template did a thing that was important.



  • The Old Geezer's Shovel
    • Aspects: SH12 Edge12


  • The Template's Brain Juice
    • Aspects: Forge1 Grail1


  • A Chill in the Hair (Don't get too greedy with these. Stick to one or two max)
    • Aspect: Winter71


  • The Zeroth Indictment (Indictments correspond to hour number. Everyone gets one but you can have more books than just that)
    • Description: It's an old book, okay? A dusty old tome? Made out of...flesh? What the.
    • Start Text: This is the tale of the skeleton warriors.
    • End Text: The skeleton warriors theme song refuses to leave your mind.
    • Gives: Stuff goes here. Usually lore. Sometimes languages. Sometimes things get really weird. Feel free to get creative.


  • Making of the Hours
    • Description: Ancient ritual conceived by the spooky boys of Uh-Shekel.
    • Requires: Rites are the more unique bits of Cultist Simulator. They may require tools, objects, lores, living beings, and so on. Some of the items used for the rite may be destroyed, and proper aspects are needed. Do specify all the details!
    • Gives: Glorious boons. From summoning to spawning items to other beneficial effects.


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  • The Template is actually the second coming of Big Clive and your life is a lie.
  • It also never liked cookies.
  • And it writes steamy fanfics.

* True Form