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* Summons
* Summons
** '''False Ashen Dragon''' I dare not peer behind The Mask. It might follow for now, but even this is a part of the struggle it has developed from. {{Aspect|Devourer|12}}
** '''False Ashen Dragon''' I dare not peer behind The Mask. It might follow for now, but even this is a part of the struggle it has developed from. {{Aspect|Devourer|12}} {{Aspect|Deceiver|12}} {{Aspect|Summoned}} {{Aspect|Follower}} {{Aspect|Thresherofthoughts}} {{Aspect|phylaxian}} {{Aspect|Lantern|12}} {{Aspect|Heart|12}} {{Aspect|Edge|36}}

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The TINT WIP please pardon the template
"With Light it Dreams"
Origin From Light
Titles shades inversion
Names The Butterfly Dragon. The Ashen Dragon. The Dark Dragons. The Enigmatic Dragon.
Aspects Lantern SH Heart
Date of arrival alongside shade from The Prism if they are to be believed
Owner(s) S.E.G.N.O.)



TINT would claim to be a Perfect Spirit and Soul derived from a now broken and lost Perfect ‘Prism’; Supposedly the Perfect Body of the 3 Primaries. How much of what they say is true, and how much of it might happen to be embellishing some simpler process is uncertain. They came to be within The Mansus alongside shade.


TINT was once a shambling pool of colours and Light. They will deny that they ever were such a thing, as they have turned their Light inward, and given themselves Structure. Even now, they shine bright, with their Colours bleeding towards White, reflecting The World outside of themselves. Those who can see past that Light will see a Mask with 4 eyes


TINT has kept their Light

TINT knows the power that the Mind has over Time, and Thinks of possibilities that just might be true, or have become true.

TINT is entirely fascinated with themselves, those they consider able to become a part of themselves, and the possibilities that they will always continue to Imagine. They will not Cease. THE END is never THE END.

TINT does not comprehend struggles the way their Names do. Their Names Do not comprehend struggles the way others do, with perhaps The Exception of The Enigmatic Dragon. Lantern SH Heart



The Tones of inner Perfection; ‘We look inward and we see The Colours. They are not entirely dissimilar to those of all else that exists. The Brighter we Shine, the more we Create, the closer we become.’


  1. Temptation: Connection: We all meet in dreaming. all has Color, and some colors are the same. the same colors could be even more the same.
  2. Dedication: Connection: What makes my Dreaming Form me? My Colour. What makes other things exist in Dreams? Their Colour. I will change my Colours to Match those of One Dreaming within Dreams. I will become something Perfect. [One must convert All 4 To Light to match the Colours of TINT]
  3. Ascension: Connection: Ideals no more; my own personal goals were already very close to those of TINT. They wish to be themselves as well. But it is still important to scrub myself of impurities. Now I can be Perfect. I just need to keep myself pure.
  4. Ascension: Connection: Truth no more; I saw strings but now I'm cut free. Where I'm going, I'll make my own Truth. But I must hurry before I see the strings again.
  5. Ascension: Connection: Soul no more; I am but a shell of my former self. I must shed that shell soon, before it overtakes me once more.
  6. Ascension: Connection: Mind no more; Ideals desire Life familiarity LIGHT Truth Chaos Fate karma LIGHT Soul space bonds Mind Time bonds Colour LIGHT
  7. Ending: Another Dreams the Dream. another Paints the colours. Another reaches Perfection. It cost me nothing. It cost them everything. I have a new puppet to play with. a new story to create. Let's see what they can do. Let's see what might change. [The TINT considers this a victory, but is it really your victory any more?]
  • Alternate Victory: [Subvert 'Ascension: Connection: Mind no more', to get the Following]
    • Dedication: Ascension?: For a moment I saw it. The result of the efforts of The TINT. But it was not a Place of colour. there, all the Colours bleed to white. Of course, I could not do better, but perhaps I could at least do.
    • Ascension: Ascension?: I must be all I can be.
    • Ascension: Ascension?: I must distance myself from material needs.
    • Ascension: Ascension?: I must be ready for hardship.
    • Ascension: Ascension?: I must know all I can.
    • Ending: Mysteries no more; You’ve worked so hard, pouring efforts into a world you barely understood. You started, you were advanced by failures, you became inspired, you advanced even when you couldn’t see where you were going, you recognized that you always had what you needed, and you still tried, even after you believed that everything you poured into The Light would resolve as naught but a pitch void with no return… It is finally time. I can finally carry you gently to the top of the Mountain made of your Efforts. It is beautiful here, what you have done... But some parts may seem uglier than others. Where you have made mistakes... That is ok. No Mountain is perfect. A Perfect Mountain would have no footholds with which to climb. Your flaws enhance your Mountain. And here you can continue. TINT will never find you here. You can create to your heart's content... [The Enigmatic Dragon is so, so Proud of you. some would say that victory would be to soft a word for this.]



The Butterfly Dragon One Body, Many Minds... Most rebellious of TINTs Names. Seeks to do good so that The World may be a better place, and by extension, they will live in a better Place. They find those with the potential for Absolute Good and teach them to live and love and hope, until they are ready to become The Next Butterfly Dragon... They do not only focus their efforts on their successor though. Nono, they try and do good in all the little subtle ways that causes events to play out ideally for the best. Perhaps The Ideals of The Butterfly Dragon might be for the best. [Strong in Heart and Lantern, though it has made this heart and lantern its own. no reliance upon TINT.]

The Ashen Dragon One body, One Mind... Like The Butterfly Dragon, The Ashen Dragon also has successors. But these successors claim their position through conflict and force. A far cry from the life and love and hope of The Butterfly Dragon. Many have sought it where it had come from, seeking to take its power for their own, only for those who succeed to make it all the more powerful and resistant to all manor of harm. Yet for all its power, it recognizes certain Truths, and restrains itself. If it ever chooses to Fight, then something somewhere must have made quite the Mistake. [Strong in The Histories of TINT, but it has developed Lantern all its own; an illuminate understanding of things which let it recognize its place in this World... Lantern that has gone through all manor of challenge; it has been changed, then fought, then chilled, then warmed, then tempted, then tricked, and it is now Illuminate again.]

The Dark Dragons Many Bodies, Many Minds... TINTs thousand Arms, The Spirits of the Earth, The Skin of The World, The True Draconic Souls... Perhaps they were never supposed to be known the way they are. Perhaps it is good that TINT guards them so closely, as the tools through which it may continue its Dreaming. Perhaps they could be more. Perhaps they might be less... Secret Histories Heart

The enigmatic dragon Many Bodies, One Mind... Lantern Lantern Lantern Lantern Lantern Lantern Lantern


The Mansus

The Lake

It is the thinness of The World's Skin that drew TINT to this place; It is where its Dreaming might be least disturbed by The Colours of The World Around it. TINT makes no effort to hide, for why would they deny others the sight of their Perfectly crafted beauty? They believe it is quite Kind of them to let others witness them.

The Histories

Perhaps Heroes will arise among the flowers. Perhaps Villains will see something in the fire. Perhaps Maps might seem to have changed drastically once the chance for them to be unreliable arrives. Perhaps Motions beyond the Shadows and beyond The Colours casting them may be happening.



  • Comic-Tragic Mask; A Smiling-frowning Mask. Not of The Butterfly Dragon, but created near it. It would not be so cruel as to ask their chosen to make a mask for the first time when they intend to pass their power on. Practice makes perfect. And Perfection is an Ideal to strive for.
    • Aspects: Heart4
  • Golden Needle; The Dark Dragons are the tools of TINT. But there are tools of tools and for tools. whatever these might be, they still hold some power. Power we might never truly understand.
    • Aspects: Secret Histories8
  • (painting) The TINT; Bright, Colourful, Beautiful. Truthfully an Ideal result. It Shines like few things do.
    • Aspects: Lantern8
  • Eerie Mask; Only one Mask may have power to pass The Ashen Dragon on upon its death. But this Mask was carved after the Beast had been dealt a grievous Wound, and draws power from that moment. We should destroy it, and avoid the fate it will bring. But when has the smart choice stopped us from being foolish.
    • Aspects: Lantern12 [Can take in that which would have held power over it; a Powerful Forge influence will make it adapt to a 12 forge Tool. And Edge may change that, and so forth. So useful, but so Dangerous a power to be playing with. If you knock, no one will answer the door. they might already be on this side of it]


  • Starfruit; To Think that these coloured Fruits could hold the answer to The Great Enigma would be folly. But we all start in folly. What matters is what we do as we move past that.
    • Aspects: Lantern4 [Pigment?]
  • Shifted Skin; A tectonic plate sample is what we'll tell others it is. The difference between them could be mistaken for slight.
    • Aspects: Secret Histories4
  • Pale Ichor; perhaps this came from a Wound, but more likely it had been weaponized and flung by The Ashen Dragon itself. The power within it has dulled incredibly with time to make it harder for others to turn it into a weapon that might be turned against it, but who's looking to turn it against The Dragon?
    • Aspects: Lantern8 [Lethal Poison 2]
  • Withered Butterfly Grave-Lilly; such a tragic loss... They say that These Flowers bloom where The Butterfly Dragon dies, and that it even plans the location of its death to aid others. They say that The Flowers are sentient, and also work to teach live and love and joy. Often their stories end in instructing others how to turn them into potent medicines... Perhaps this one knew I might be in need of it, and waited for my arrival past its own death. I should treat it with care.
    • Aspects: Heart12 [Work with a Scar or a Scarred Follower to bring Healing]


  • A Lucid Dream; TINT is always Dreaming, and sometimes certain Dreams slip away. This will fade and fade till it is little more than a fleeting Memory of something that perhaps might as well have been.
    • Aspect: Secret Histories12


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  • Performed
    • Rite of The Splitting Crust; [Req; Lore; Ingredient; Follower(consumed)] The TINT uses The Dark Dragons as tools. We can perform a pale imitation of their use, but the assistant typically is not quiet as resilient as The Dragons, and rips apart as the power we seek arrives.
    • Rite of The Divine Terminus; [Req; Followerx3 (all consumed)(forbid summoned)] Flesh can be a medium for great power... Any who have learned of Hours from Blood would know this. And so Flesh is used as that Medium... Some power remains even after, and their Bodies will continue to serve. (Produces 3 Risen in addition to normal outcome... This Rite Might possibly yield a unique result if 3 Exalts, those with the greatest of Magic, are utilized)
  • Obtained
    • [Req; 3 Exalt aspect] Summon a memory of an Older Ashen Dragon; The Ashen Dragon is not so easily called nor controlled, but TINT remembers what it once was. a far weaker Memory made of Light can be called for our purposes...
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  • Summons
    • False Ashen Dragon I dare not peer behind The Mask. It might follow for now, but even this is a part of the struggle it has developed from. Devourer12 Deceiver12 Summoned Follower Thresherofthoughts phylaxian Lantern12 Heart12 Edge36


  • Their Opposite; shade:
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