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Origin Nowhere
Titles none
Names Charlie Chicken Soup
Aspects Heart Edge Grail
Date of arrival c. 1600 CE
Owner(s) Moth-Cultist

SWOUP is the Thirty-First Hour of the Fansus, created by Moth-Cultist. SWOUP is usually numbered among the Gods-From-Nowhere, though there are rumors that one of its Names - probably Charlie Chicken Soup - has suggested that it in fact comes from Blood. On one of the rare occasions in which SWOUP itself spoke, it claimed to have been in the Mansus “all along”, before any other Hours, and only “masked up so you could see [it]” recently. This is probably a lie. It was first known to manifest around the period of what some Histories called 1600 CE, and its followers quickly carved out a city-state whose location is no longer known. At the culmination of its war with Cortez, the city sank into the sea. SWOUP preserved it, but in the process the city’s name was destroyed. Any city, as seen by outsiders, wears a mask; the sunken city can wear none, now, and thus cannot be known by those who do not reside within it. Its aspects are Heart, Edge, and Grail in decreasing order of importance.


A shadowed figure wearing a gas mask, surrounded by various animals of land and sea - the sea creatures swim freely around it and the land animals seem to stand on solid ground, without any harm coming to either.


SWOUP is an Hour of - in short - music, violence, masks, and the sea. Its principles are primarily Heart and Edge, alongside Grail. Its followers, who call themselves the Paper Platoon, can be considered - depending on your perspective - a cult, a paramilitary organization, or a musical genre, or any combination of the three. They fight to the beats of strange drums, and do not surrender even under the direst of circumstances. The peculiar sonics of their masks make their battlecries strange and inhuman.





  • Charlie Chicken Soup: Charlie Chicken Soup was born in a city whose name is no longer remembered. The Paper Platoon controlled the streets of the city, insofar as that organization can ever be said to control anything. Charlie rose within the Platoon, reaching higher and higher ranks with his talents for music and murder. During the war with Cortez, he was cut in half in battle, and yet he fought on until his city was stricken from the dry land and its name erased from all records. As the waves engulfed the city, the power of SWOUP transformed its inhabitants to save them from drowning. In that single moment, Charlie ascended to the rank of a Name, and has served SWOUP (mostly) loyally ever since.


The Fansus

The Histories



  • Giraffine Mask (Edge4): A gas mask which has been modified to have animalistic features. It smells faintly of something unidentifiable.
  • Sunken Record (read) (Heart4): A water-stained vinyl record, which nevertheless plays as if pristine.
  • Swoup Cartridge (Edge6, Heart6): The Swoup Cartridge is the primary weapon of the paramilitary organization known as the Paper Platoon. In the hands of SWOUP’s Names, its sonic manipulations have been known to drown armies. Even in lesser hands, it retains a formidable power.


  • Chikken Swoup (Heart4, Pigment): This substance is probably not chicken soup.



  • Sunken Record (Heart6, Edge6): The music is wild and bizarre, with pounding drums and strange voices chanting semi-comprehensible poems. Some of the sounds correspond to no known instrument. The lyrics - such as can be made out fully, at least - give impressions of violence inflicted in accordance with definite but unknown and perhaps unknowable rules.